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Making a Booking


Complete the booking form and we will reply as soon as we can with suggestions or questions


It may take a couple of email/phone exchanges for us to agree on a date and time for your lesson


If asked to leave a lesson deposit, just go to the payments page and use the PayPal facility (you don’t need a PayPal account)

Meet Here For A Lesson

This is where we teach; off Jetty Island close to Everett, WA. We will meet you at the 10th Street Boat Launch, which is off Marine View Drive on the Everett waterfront in the area known as the Everett Marina.

You should bring water, sunscreen, towel and warm clothes for after the lesson.

We will take you and all the gear by boat to the landing stage on Jetty Island.  Once there we carry the kite gear to the beach on the other side of the island (it’s not far).

Next we set up and begin introducing you to the joys of kiteboarding!

The Lessons

About the Wind

The Wind

We help you understand the dynamics of the wind, how it affects the kite and how to use it to your advantage. We also introduce you to your kiting gear

Body Drag

Body Drag

Use your kite control skills to pull yourself through the water, without a kite board. You concentrate on kite control before tackling the next stage (riding the board).

Kite Control

Kite Control

The ability to control the kite is critical to your expertise. With this skill you will be able to react safely to a variety of wind conditions.

Kite Launch

Kite Launch

Launching the kite with a friend is fairly straightforward, once you know how. A bit later you will also learn how to relaunch the kite on your own after it drops on the water.

Self Rescue

Self Rescue

Congratulations, you have succeeded in mastering the basics. Now we talk about what happens, and what to do, when things go wrong. Safety is key!

Ride the Board

Ride the Board

Now you bring it all together and learn how to get up and ride the board while keeping control of the kite.


Next Steps

Practice! Get out there and practice everything you have been taught and you will gain more and more confidence. Get your transitions down and you will want to learn how to go toeside. Popping and jumping is the basis of all tricks – to go further you will want to learn these techniques.

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