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The Kite Lesson (TKL) takes great pride in having introduced many people to the fun and satisfaction of learning to kiteboard over the past 15 years.  Learning to kiteboard at Jetty Island is an amazing experience with great conditions.  Seen as both a negative and a positive are the logistical hurdles it takes to make use of this kiting spot. 

To get the most out of Jetty Island a rider must monitor the data on Wind, Tides and Currents.  Because of this TKL started offering a ride along program., This program is designed to bridge the gap between private lessons and complete independence and to also provide easy access for those that don’t want to navigate getting to and from Jetty Island.  

A ride along client will have already taken lessons and been taught all the skills needed to be independent, but still wants to be under the watchful eye of the TKL team.  We are now offering the opportunity to take advantage of new products which are detailed below.

The ride along program has become so popular we are now offering offering it in three formats.  The single day Ride Along, the Free Ride Pass and an annual pass called the High Flyers Pass.  All offer the same day to day experience but the Ride Along Pass and High Flyers Pass include several perks and benefits that the single day pass does not.  

Pass Details

Ride Along Pass
Single Day
Free Ride Pass
Five Days
High Flyers Pass
No Limit
Transport to and From Jetty Island on the TKL Boatyesyesyes
Weather reports with Wind, Tide, Current forecastsyesyesyes
Access TKL coaches for quick questionsyesyesyes
Work with, and be a part of the TKL circle of activityyesyesyes
1 @ 40 minute personalized lesson with a TKL coachyes
3 @ 40 minute personalized lesson with a TKL coachyes
Gear Discount11%16%
Discount on private lesson11%16%
Potential value$175.00$1,395.00 +$2,703.75 +

Feature Details

Travel to and from Jetty Island

As a TKL client, you will travel to and from Jetty Island on the TKL team’s boat. Tides, currents, wind and a river crossing – so much to learn. All part of discussions we have on the team boat traveling to and from Jetty Island.

Quick sessions or full afternoons

Catch a quick session or ride all afternoon. Multiple shuttles to and from Jetty Island mean you’re in control of your kiteboarding sessions.

Under the watchful eye of the TKL team

Safety first! The TKL crew keeps a keen eye on you as you gain experience and confidence.

Ask the coaches anything

Got questions about gear, setup, stance or performance? Just ask the coaches.

Inside the activity circle

Once on Jetty Island, you become part of the TKL activity circle. This means you’ll be right in the heart of the action, surrounded by kiters, coaches, and ongoing lessons. You’ll witness the entire process – from rigging the kites to launching and landing.

Equipment demos (Free Ride Pass and High Flyers Pass only)

Demo the latest kites, control bars and boards (limited). You will always get the best advice on kiting gear from the TKL team, but this goes one step further. You also have the opportunity to try some of the kiting gear you have been discussing.

Discount on new gear (Free Ride Pass and High Pass only)

After taking advantage of demoing the gear in which you are interested, you can make purchases at a healthy discount (see above). 🏄‍♀️

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