2019 @ TKL

What a great year for TKL. We started the coaching season with traveling private clinics in Bucerias Mexico. What a great experience. Great wind, great clients, and great location. From Bucerias our next stop was Jetty Island our home training location. Jetty Island is a favorite for smooth winds and fast progression. Unfortunately Jetty had […]

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Doron & Orion

Great to travel with Doron and his son Orion to Bucerias, Mexico. We love our home base at Jetty Island in Everett Washington and are very fortunate to have such a great spot, however we also love to travel and coach. We’ve coached at many different locations each one with it’s unique conditions and challenges.

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Congratulations Katina!!

My previous post was the flyer for our 1st competition at our local spot Jetty Island.  I’m happy to say it was the best event Jetty has ever seen.  The wind was amazing.  Event was fantastic.  Really big thanks to everyone who organized and volunteered for the event.   Phillip Schonger and Jason Sperling were

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Light Wind Olympics

First competition for Jetty Island our home teaching grounds.  We’ve closed the school so we can help out with the event.  Katina will be taking photo’s for the event.  Sean and I will be doing boat transport.  Let the fun begin…

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few shots.

Katina and Les.    Les with a nice little boost   Launch site Katina cruising   Back spin transition for the boat crowd Rainbow   table top   Stylish grab Zavory working on his board skills   cork screw Dead Man   Slice of Cheesy!

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James and Jennifer

7 days in a row. After a slow start we’ve got world class conditions here in Belize. Jennifer and James have both had huge progression. James is really close to staying up wind. Jennifer is now going way up wind, can self launch and self land, that is what you call independence!!! Congrats to both

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Belize Kiting

Jennifer getting tips from the chase boat. Again Jennifer makes huge strides to independence.  Staying up wind and loving the warm water. Can’t be independent without good self rescue skills. Can’t always work gotta play our selves some times? This one feels so nice. Our bay.  Everyone complains about their beaches being too busy.  I

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Belize 2017

Our annual Belize trip is a much looked forward to event. Most times we have clients from the Seattle area join us on this trip to take lessons and see our other stomping grounds. This year we have James and Jennifer joining us. I will be documenting their experience here in Belize for the next

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Fun in Belize

I like to kick off my coaching season each year with our annual trip to Belize in central america.  This year we were fortunate to have a couple of students from the school in Seattle join us for our adventure.  This year we had great wind.  We used 9m kites the first two days (20-30

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