Belize 2017

Our annual Belize trip is a much looked forward to event. Most times we have clients from the Seattle area join us on this trip to take lessons and see our other stomping grounds. This year we have James and Jennifer joining us. I will be documenting their experience here in Belize for the next couple weeks. You’ll see a few photos, see their learning curve and challenges of kiting a spot completely opposite to our other teaching beach Jetty Island.

Belize is often the first coaching we do each year which is great as it gives us a condensed time of warm up and chance to get in shape for the Jetty Island season that’s just around the corner. Not only do we get to coach for the first time of the year it give me a chance to condense students from last year who want to continue their learning in the upcoming season and then add the new recruits to the data base. I take this time to do some continuing education through IKO and update my insurance.


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