Canopy tear from leading edge to trailing edge.

This kite tore from the leading edge bladder all the way through the trailing edge.  To repair the canopies leading edge it required me to disassemble the canopy from the leading edge bladder, repair and then reattach to the leading edge bladder.  Also I rebuilt the trailing edge on this repair…  

Leading Edge and Canopy Repair

Kite had small tear on leading edge that ruptured the bladder and tore the canopy. Repaired bladder, leading edge and canopy.

alt - Matt at the sewing machine

Kite Repair Tip

Always inspect your gear regularly doing so can prevent costly repairs later and may even save you from a very long swim.  

Tools of the Trade

Picked up this beauty at the beginning of the summer. This machine really helps me expand the repair work I can do, also upped the quality of all my repairs.

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