March 2017

few shots.

Katina and Les.    Les with a nice little boost   Launch site Katina cruising   Back spin transition for the boat crowd Rainbow   table top   Stylish grab Zavory working on his board skills   cork screw Dead Man   Slice of Cheesy!

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James and Jennifer

7 days in a row. After a slow start we’ve got world class conditions here in Belize. Jennifer and James have both had huge progression. James is really close to staying up wind. Jennifer is now going way up wind, can self launch and self land, that is what you call independence!!! Congrats to both

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Belize Kiting

Jennifer getting tips from the chase boat. Again Jennifer makes huge strides to independence.  Staying up wind and loving the warm water. Can’t be independent without good self rescue skills. Can’t always work gotta play our selves some times? This one feels so nice. Our bay.  Everyone complains about their beaches being too busy.  I

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